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Workshop Overview :

This course is intended to show participants the practical and systematic approaches for integrating core-log and seismic data to aid the geological and engineering modeling of oil and gas reservoirs. It is designed to communicate the sequences, principles and techniques of an integrated petrophysical evaluation based on core-log-seismic data integration. Details of core analysis, logging tools/or analysis and seismic interpretations are discussed briefly, and only in the context of the overall objectives. The major emphasis of the course lies on the assortment of data which must be considered at each stage of the evaluation, and on those petrophysical data which are input into reservoir characterization models, static and dynamic modeling.

Participants will gain experience in the following:

  • Recognizing the interrelationships between rock and fluid properties and therefore the hydraulic behavior of the reservoir system
  • Developing procedures to assess and integrate laboratory and field techniques systematically to describe and manage a reservoir for maximum return on investment
  • Obtaining descriptive parameters for realistic reservoir model building and production prediction


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