A valid static geological model relies on the full utilization of sedimentology and sequence stratigraphic concepts as well as petrophysics. Detailed lithofacies classification can be done with data from sedimentologic analysis including core description, thin section and laboratory core analysis, biostratigraphic analysis, sequence stratigraphic studies and depositional environment analysis. When the lithofacies are optimized with special core analysis data, they will achieve good petrophysical regression. Sequence stratigraphic analysis starts with log evaluation and later incorporating results from core analysis and petrophysical analysis, followed by core description, lithofacies and reservoir layering information, and maps of lithofacies distribution. Biostratigraphic data can be used to enhance the chronostratigraphic correlations established between well control points using sedimentological data. The depositional lithofacies determined from cores and wireline log signatures, and chronostratigraphic correlations determined from biostratigraphic data, facilitate the integration of the well and seismic data to define the sequence stratigraphic framework.



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