An Integrated Project Management Approach (IPMA) is employed to ensure that the project deliverables are achieved while the professional assigned by the clients to the project make their contribution and also learn from working with our highly experienced Geoscientists and Engineers. At the outset we identify the project team along with a project manager and the task leaders within the team. Further, the resources are allocated such as to best impact the successful completion of the project within the time frame proposed. Once the client has approved the project, the project team will critically evaluate the available data to create a detailed work breakdown structure from which the detailed tasks and assignments are made. Any dynamic reservoir model requires an integrated reservoir characterization which comprises a seismically generated structural framework for a geological architecture that governs the up scaling of petrophysically derived reservoir properties through to fluid volumes and flow units, in a manner that conforms to engineering performance of the reservoir (Paul Worthington, SPE 2002). Our workflow for Integrated Reservoir Studies consists of:

    • GEOPHYSICS AND GEOLOGY - Structural Modeling and Stratigraphic Modeling
    • PETROPHYSICS - Petrophysical Modeling
    • RESERVOIR ENGINEERING - Reservoir Engineering and Dynamic Modeling
    • PRODUCTION - Well Modeling and Diagnostics



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