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Formation damage is recognized as a major contributor to anomalous production and/or abnormal decline in productivity or injective in most hydrocarbon reservoirs. Many potential pay zones have been misdiagnosed as nonproductive, and payout on investment has been delayed because of formation damage.

It is important to recognize whether the lower-than-expected productivity is due to (1) limited reservoir(s) (2) stress sensitivity, and/or (3) compressibility near Wellbore impairment. Data obtained from geological and geophysical studies are required to understand the limits of the reservoir. The effect of depleting pressure on transmissivity can only be determined through proper reservoir description. Finally, proper diagnostic tools are required to identify, quantify, and prevent formation damage effects on productivity.
Our approach to formation Damage Assessment is what we refer to as a "Systems' Approach". We integrate field and laboratory methods for recognition, prevention, and treatment of the damage. We have developed geological and engineering techniques for proper evaluation of the problem and optimization schemes for effective treatments.




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