At PSI, we have the expertise in the development of gridded realization of reservoir model in order to estimate Stock Tank Oil Initially in Place accurately, and engineering/simulation model by unsealing the millions of grids to as low as thousands of grid blocks. We know that although the generation of engineering models is based on specific purpose, the resrvoir model must be general.

The framework at the first level controls our reservoir models. Hence a gross grid is generated based on the broad features of the reservoir framework (top and bottom depth maps, fault maps, and general strata). It is then detailed by the smaller scale features like facies changes and genetic flow units in general. This brings the first level of refinement in the reservoir model. Second level refinement corresponds to the heterogeneities in each facies, and final refinement is controlled b a consistent scale parameterization.

Our reservoir models ar linked with the data sources in an effective and practical way so that it can be sampled and audited when generating the engineering model. It can also be accessed by different disciplines for further improvements. The reservoir model generated is similar to the shared earth concepts. Formation damage is recognized as a major contributor to anomalous production and/or abnormal decline in productivity or injective in most hydrocarbon reservoirs. Many potential pay zones have been misdiagnosed as nonproductive, and payout on investment has been delayed because of formation damage.



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